Lois Hinx
director and creative producer: maker of films and images - some serious, some not-so-serious


Hello, let's work together.


👋 I’m Lois

I make films and images for brands, charities, publications, mates.

After studying art for 4 years, I timed my graduation with the 2008 global recession. Searching for work at that time did wonders for developing a thick skin and a sense of humour - vital qualities for anyone entering a career in creativity.

Like a perfect art school cliché, I struggled to fit into the commercial world. I was greedy - I wanted the triple: to create meaningful work, be happy and get paid.

I was starting to lose hope that the triple existed until 2013, when I found it: innocent - and for five and a half glorious years I was paid to make things like this and this* and this.

In 2018, I decided to leave innocent to go it alone in the freelance world. And that brings me here.

If you’ve got a brief - serious or not-so-serious - please drop me an email at hello@loishinx.com.

*It’s not okay to add your own logo and a Kanye West track to BBC footage. But at almost a million organic views, it was (and still is) innocent's highest performing piece of video content ever. And Kanye probably has bigger fish to fry.